My Story

I have always had a passion for good nutrition and the remarkable effects it has on our bodies. Knowing this to be my vocation, I completed a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in order to become a fully qualified Dietitian. As a regulated health professional I have worked with patients in a range of clinical settings, applying evidence-based research to the treatment of individuals' dietary and nutritional problems.  

Initially working within the NHS, I developed a wide knowledge and understanding of dietetics within a number of medical specialities both in the in-patient setting as well as the 1:1 clinic room environment. However due to constraints within the NHS I felt limited with what I was able to offer my patients, and wanting to do more I moved into the private healthcare environment where I was able to further refine my clinical competencies and personal style. 

For a long time, my main clinical interest was Oncology, working with cancer patients and their families to provide dietetic guidance during treatment assisting in the management of side effects, issues relating to weight loss/gain, and any nutritional concerns. There is a significant amount of conflicting  information surrounding cancer, its treatment and associated nutritional management, and I believe patients should benefit from evidence-based empirical information that debunks myths and provides clear reliable guidance.  

It wasn't long before I realised how important those little gut microbes are, and my huge passions is Gastrointestinal Health. The gut really can impact on so many aspects of our lives including appetite regulation, weight maintenance, thyroid function, mood (and more!).  I am excited and immensely proud to currently be working as the Clinical Director and Dietitian at The Gut Health Clinic which is led by leading gut-health research dietitian Dr Megan Rossi aka The Gut Health Doctor

I regularly work with GPs and where appropriate I will ensure your doctor is kept up-to-date with your treatment/progress.  In some cases, I may require a GP referral letter prior to the consultation.  This may be necessary if you have a newly diagnosed condition, a complex medical history, or the need for blood tests prior to me giving advice.

If, after an initial conversation I feel I am not the right nutrition professional for you, I will help you find another specialist within my nutrition peer network who may be more suitable.

Your confidentiality is of the upmost importance. All records are safeguarded in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679.