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Client Testimonials

"When I first started to read about a low FODMAP diet, I found all the information quite overwhelming. However, after my consultation with Jo I was able to understand all the information provided as she was able to explain it all in depth but in an informative and clear way. I feel progress has already been made in this short time-so thank you Jo!"

"I am extremely pleased with the help and guidance that I have received from Jo Cunningham. She is helpful and friendly whilst maintaining a professional attitude at all times. She has given me thorough and positive support which has given me Confidence to care for my husband."

"Thank you for all your great advice Jo. There is so much misleading information about diet and cancer that I had got so confused about what I should and shouldn't be eating. You really helped me to understand what sort of diet I should be having and reassured me about the safety of including those foods in my diet by discussing the scientific evidence behind the headlines"      

"I was really worried about gaining loads of weight during pregnancy and needed some practical advice about how to have a nutritious diet as well as manage the persistent cravings. Jo took the time to get to know what I like and don't like to come up with a gentle way of managing my diet throughout pregnancy"   

"I had been struggling with gut issues after a stoma reversal during cancer treatment and had seen so many healthcare professionals who said I just had to put up with it that I had lost hope to be honest. Then I met you Jo, and you spent ages listening to my story and coming up with a strategy for helping me regain better bowel control. I honestly couldn't have got through the last year of treatment without your input so I am eternally grateful!"   

"I had been having issues with painful bloating in the evenings, as well as irregular bowel habits. Jo went through my diet history to help me identify which foods were potential triggers. She also gave me some really useful information about sleep and mindfulness and how that can impact the gut which I had no idea about. It has definitely all made a difference."   

"I came to Jo for some advice on how to help my elderly father, who was suffering with weight loss as a result of eosophagitis. Jo was really understanding and provided us with useful take home documents, detailing what foods we could try to introduce that would pack the most nutritional benefits and aid weight gain. Her advice and supplement recommendations have proven invaluable as my father’s appetite is increasing and he’s feeling better in himself already after only a few weeks. It’s been a great relief to have her specialist guidance and help with arranging a prescription; I would have no hesitation in recommending Jo to anyone who has similar concerns for a loved one."

"I recently encountered a lot of difficulties with pain on eating and acute diarrhoea, following my first chemotherapy treatment. I was so pleased and relieved to find Jo who was extremely knowledgeable, professional and caring. After asking me many questions in order to fully understand my particular problems, she reassured me and clearly advised on how I could improve my situation. Her ideas proved to be incredibly helpful, and I now feel well equipped for my second treatment. She followed up regularly and was always approachable when I was in need."

"Outstanding Dietitian. Worked with Jo as a Senior HPB CNS to manage Complex Patients with Liver, Pancreas, Biliary tract and GI Cancer. Jo uses a holistic approach to manage nutrition and works closely with the multidisciplinary team to achieve the best outcomes for patients. She works at a very advanced level also recommending further investigations to find other causes of problems such as persistent diarrhoea, bloating and other GI symptoms. She is meticulous, passionate and dynamic about her work. She set up a Joint/Concurrent Dietitian clinic with the Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Consultants and CNS's to ensure nutrition is fully incorporated into patient management. She has worked with the CNS's and charities to set up Support Days for patients. Truly outstanding!"

"Heather Smith Commercial commissioned Jo from Green Light Nutrition to host a healthy eating and wellbeing talk for our Business Community at Bath Road Central in Slough. Her experience, relaxed presenting manner and wealth of knowledge was a huge hit with the audience. The Q&A was open and inclusive resulting in lots of discussion, useful tips and she left our community really informed. I would highly recommend her."

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