Jo Cunningham BSc (Hons) RD, FCCA

Welcome to Green Light Nutrition, my private dietetic practice based in Hertfordshire and London.

As a Registered Dietitian I provide patient-centred evidence-based nutritional advice, tailored to you as an individual.  There can never be a generic approach to eating or dietary change. 

Alongside my freelance private practice I work with a team of experienced Gut Specialist Dietitians helping clients with gastrointestinal issues as well as optimising gut health. Prior to this I worked as a Specialist Oncology Dietitian in private healthcare providing expertise to those at diagnosis, during and after cancer treatment.  I also have experience working in an acute hospital setting within the NHS, providing dietetic skills across a range of medical specialities. 

I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and hold full membership with the British Dietetic Association. 

I am recognised with private medical insurers AXA PPP and Aviva.

Areas of Specialist Dietetic Practice
I have a passion for assisting individuals diagnosed with various forms of Cancer, and I have a specialist interest in malabsorption associated with pancreatic and gastrointestinal disturbances as a result of Cancer treatments. I can explain the science behind common dietary misconceptions and work with patients to optimise their nutritional status during treatment. 
I am qualified and have experience in providing dietetic services for the following conditions: Irritable Bowel Syndrome & The Low FODMAP Diet, Coeliac DiseaseDiabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, PCOS, Food Allergies/Intolerance, the Ketogenic Diet and Antenatal/Postnatal Pregnancy. I can also provide advice to help facilitate Weight Loss or Gain.
In addition, I  consult on current diet trends and specific diet plans, as well as as provide guidance on healthy cooking and meal planning.

At the moment due to COVID-19 private consultations take place either by video consultation or over the telephone if preferred.

I offer a free of charge 20 minute pre-consultation video/telephone call in order to discuss a client's situation and to give them an opportunity to find out a bit more about how I work and how I may be able to help them.

During a consultation I assess the client's medical background, physical condition, activity levels, dietary habits and lifestyle.  This allows me to offer a tailored service that addresses individual clients requirements, in turn enabling clients to identify and work towards their specific goals.  

Please visit my Services page for pricing and further information.


I have experience presenting nutrition topics to groups of patients, allied healthcare professionals and those in education. I am available to hire for delivery of talks, workshops and other educational inputs which can be carried out online.

Please get in touch via my Contact page if you would like further details.

Recipes & Tips 


I believe that eating should be intuitive and not prescriptive, therefore I do not believe meal plans should be rigid and inflexible. What I prefer to offer are strategies that provide meal and snack ideas which fit in with the individual's tastes and lifestyle.  This means that client's have a personalised food library to pick and choose from in order to develop their own intuitive ways of eating.

I have access to a range of resources and supporting materials that I provide clients with to summarise my advice and signpost individuals to further information should they need it.

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